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Our Associates having capability to provide comprehensive legal services to its domestic and international clients, which include multinational public and private companies and other corporate entities. The firm has a dedicated team of professionals including lawyers, Intellectual property experts, technical experts, chartered accountants and Information technology consultants, with the specific industry expertise, resources and commitment required to meet all client requirements.

We have the requisite expertise and are well-positioned to provide comprehensive legal services that meet the needs of our clients.

We work closely with each client to understand the practical aspects of the client's business. In this way, the firm is able to analyze client problems commercially, and provide practical advice and services.  The Firm’s skills are particularly suited to the needs of those clients who demand quick and specialized professional services. The firm's strength is its team of experienced and trained lawyers who treasure the value of diligence and knowledge as well as dedication to quality and innovation in addressing our clients' need.

Ever since its inception members of this firm have been handling various legal matters both on the original side, appellate side and are regularly appearing before number of Judicial forums i.e.
Supreme Court,
High Court,
District courts,
Debt Recovery Tribunal,
Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal,
Company Law Board,
Consumer Forums including State commission and National Commission,
Income Tax Tribunal,
MRTP Commission,
BIFR etc. Apart from appearing in judicial forums.

we are also handling the documentation and consultation work.



1.Suit for recovery of-Money, possession of moveable & immoveable property
2.Suit for injunction, partition, rendition of account etc including the matter of trade mark and copyright as well.
3.Suit for specific performance
4.Service matters in CAT and High Court
5.Income tax and Excise matters
6.Matters related to Labour Laws
7.Consumer cases
8.Compensation cases arising out of Motor Vehicle Act and other Acts
9.Matters related to Sick Company before BIFR AND AAFIR
10.And many other cases of civil nature.


1.General criminal cases arising out of IPC and other Acts.
2.Complaint case u/s 138 of N.I Act, M.C.D Act and other acts



In The High Court

1.Amalgamation, merger, takeover etc
2.Reduction of share capital
4.Revival of the company etc.

Company Law Board

1.Petition under section 397, 399
2.Condemnation of delay
3.Shifting of registered office from one state to another etc.



1.All kinds of Agreements and Deeds including consortium agreement.
3.Due diligence
4.Registration of Companies, Trade Marks, Copyrights, Societies, Partnership firm etc.


Recovery cases for and against the financial institutions